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Membership in Mid-Atlantic MCA


Membership & Benefits

Labor Relations

As an association member, you are represented on a daily basis during labor negotiations and in regard to all matters pertaining to the administration of your collective bargaining agreement. To address potential problems and discuss industry issues, we meet with UA Local 421 on a regular basis on behalf of our members.

Industry Promotion
  • Government Lobbying
  • Education and Training
  • Dissemination and exchange of industry information
  • Establishing and monitoring of professional standards
  • Community involvement

To accomplish this, Mid-Atlantic MCA will:

Arrange and promote meetings of mechanical contractors engaged in business in the local association’s territories, and provide them with an effective agency through which to express their collective voice,

Establish and maintain uniform wages, hours, and other conditions of employment in the local association territories through labor relations; assist in the administration of labor agreements, thus fostering goodwill between the contractors, the workers and the public by a harmonious relationship, eliminating economic loss through delay or interruption of work by strikes or lockouts; promote all possible expansion in the field of business opportunities open to mechanical contractors.

Provide for the operation of a program of practical training and related instruction for apprentices, and advanced training for journeymen in the plumbing and pipefitting industry,

Distribute information to the members and assist them in the use of current data regarding matters affecting mechanical contracting,

Increase public acceptance for the services of mechanical contractors in this area by improving the standards of the industry both as to personnel and performance,

Cultivate a cooperative spirit among its members and encourage respect for the rights of others, with proper regard for the laws governing fair competition,

Collect, in cooperation with MCAA, business data from members and other sources in order that economic value of the plumbing and pipefitting industry may be accurately presented to governmental agencies as well as other appropriate national bodies,

Establish and maintain friendly relations between mechanical contractors and all other segments of the construction industry,

Support local and state codes and recognized plumbing and pipefitting standards,
Increase and stabilize the membership of MCAA and cooperate in general with said association.